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Posting Pictures on Photobucket & STT

Navigate your browser to If you already have an account, log in. If not, set up an account by clicking on the Sign Up button, located in the upper right side of the page. (You must have an account to upload pictures to Photobucket.) Follow the instructions to create your account.

Once you have logged in, you can click on Create An Album or open an existing album. Then click on the Upload button in the top toolbar to get the Upload page. In the upper left hand corner of the dashed outlined box, you can choose the album you want to upload to. There are a couple of different ways to upload your photos but the best way for newcomers is to click the Choose photos & videos blue button. A new window will open giving you access to the photos stored on your computer. Scroll through everything until you find the picture you want, then click Open. Your photo will be uploaded to Photobucket.

Now you will see a small version of the photo you just uploaded. If you desire, you can add a title to the photo now. Then click on the picture; a new page will open. In the upper right you will see a box labeled Links to share this photo. To insert a photo on Studebaker Truck Talk, click on the code in the Direct box. The code will be copied to your clipboard.

On STT, type your message, move the cursor to where you want to insert the photo (usually right below the last line of text) and hit ctrl+v to paste the photo. You will not see the photo but there should be a line of code that starts with http://xxxxxxx. That is the actual URL of your photo on the Photobucket site. NOW, you should preview your post before posting it to make sure you can see the photo. If everything appears to be OK, you can either post your message now or edit it to add more text under the photo, etc.

Something to think about before linking a photo to SST is the size of the photo. Photobucket recommends displaying your photo at 1024x768. However, this is pretty large for STT. I feel a better size is 640x480. This can be set on the Upload Options box. Click the little gear in the upper right hand corner of the dashed box to change the size. (You can read about this at This size can be changed on every upload if need be.

Also, with the newer cameras having 16MP or greater sensors, you can get an extremely large photo. This can give you fits uploading if you have a slow Internet account. Some cameras allow you to shoot a smaller size photo but you can also reduce the size of the photo after its taken with photo editing software. A very simple, nice and FREE program is FastStone Image Viewer, available here: Even though Photobucket will allow any size photo to be uploaded, a smaller photo is better because: 1-it's a whole lot quicker uploading and 2-you don't need or want a huge photo on a forum.

So have fun uploading your photos and putting them on STT. We love photos!